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Actual Art began in 1996 and produced its first website, in 1997. At that time the web was new to a lot of people and many artists, and other people, did not have websites. Needless to say, the real and virtual worlds have changed. Now every small business, organization and many individuals need websites.

Actual Art is involved in various projects relating to art and internet. provides website building, design and maintenance services. This site,, is a more creative and informative place. Here, rather than a simple presentation of services, the site expands to provide information that will help people prepare for their websites.

Thinking about what you need in a website helps save time, and for clients, saving time is saving money. This website is here to help clients prepare content for their web pages. If your budget does not allow for hiring a web designer we hope the information on this site is useful in helping you build your own website. Particularly the Tips, Resource and and Blog pages.

You are welcome to get in touch and hire Actual Art for Website, Computer and Learning services.

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Design Philosophy: Symbiotic Form and Function

A Small Business working for Small Businesses

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by W Angel

If you don't already know me please introduce yourself.

If what you need is something you will do a lot you might want to learn to do it on your own. Computers are fantastic tools and they are not as hard to learn to use as they seem. Learning to do what you need on your own can be empowering and kind of fun. 

You might be new to using computers and need a tutor to get you started. You might want to learn about using certain computer applications. For example if you want to make greeting cards or like to send out an annual newsletter to friends and family, you might want to learn a few formatting tricks.

You might want to learn to adjust photos or keep records.

W AngelI have extensive experience with art, design and internet. I also teach about art, art history and new media. I work with and teach people of all ages and backgrounds, including at college and university levels.

I try to be clear in explaining what you need to know in relation to what you need done. I am periodically a teacher as well as a designer, techie and other things. -- W


Helping people with computers and creativity around the Monterey Bay