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Preparing Content for Your Website

What is your business or the intention for your website?

Content Content Content

Here is an outline of things to consider while preparing for a website.

You know your business best. In general you provide the information that will be on your website. The design and structure of the website will revolve around the content, intention and audience of your business or organization.

If you have a clear idea about what you want on your site be sure to convey it clearly at the beginning.

Here is a list of things to help clients gather information that might be useful on a website.

Remember that a website is in public view. Avoid using any personal information that you do not want the whole world to know. It is better not to use personal phone numbers or home addresses online. It is a good idea to set up e-mail so that you do not have your personal e-mail box listed. ActualArt can set up e-mail that is specific to your website or set it up so e-mail is forwarded to an existing e-mail address.

Company Profile and/or Personal Profile

  • Name of Business, Organization, Person...
  • Description Business, Organization, Person...
  • Business Phone Number (not home phone)
  • Business E-mail (not home phone)
  • Mailing and/or Business address (not home address)
  • Do you want to link to a Map, and/or include Driving Directions?
  • Would a picture of your office or store help people locate it?
  • Would a picture of your view or waiting room make people feel welcome or more interested?
  • Will a picture of you or your staff make people feel more comfortable doing business with you?

Things to consider for an About Page

Most people want to know something about the business and the people behind it.

  • Who are you and what are your qualifications?
  • Who are other people in your business?
  • Is there biographical or historic information about your business that would serve your site?

Written Information on your website is very important. First, because information is what internet is all about.

The text content of your site is what search engines use to find your page. So, say what you mean, mean what you say and use words that include the words and phrases people will be using to find your site in a search engine.

When you provide solid comprehensive information for your site it is likely to be a stronger site. You can have AABiz edit or leave your text exactly as it is.

In addition to basic information mentioned above, information can be extracted from

  • Statement describing your business
  • Resume or CV
  • List certifications, credentials, degrees
  • Biographies or historic info
  • Articles, pamphlets or flyers
  • Previous publications or advertisements
  • List of things you want your site to include
  • Any relevant documentation that provides relevant information for your site content
  • What is special and unique about you, your business or service or project?

List exact URL's (internet address) for other websites you want to link to. Off site links can support a site but they can also take people away from your site. Trading links with another website can help increase your reach.

Clear Elegance or Quirky Tangential

Your site functions as a listing, a profile, an advertisement, customer support and distribution of information of that is relevant to your business. It publishes your business identity, location and contact information online so people can find you.

If you plan to attract clients or customers, it is a good idea to think about who your audience is.

Here are some questions to consider:

  • Who are your potential clients or customers?
  • What attracts or interests them?
  • What do clients or customers want to know?
  • What kind of computers are they likely to have?
  • Do they have fast loading large screen power machines?
  • Are the likely to use small devices like tablets and phones?
  • Are they likely to be intimidated by technology or shy of the internet?

When you decide to retain Actual Art to build a website you are welcome to contact me first and think about the details later. You may browse this site to help organize your ideas about what you want in a website.

Some people still use phone books but increasingly more often we use computers when we want to look up a phone number, address and all kinds of things. We go online to compare services, prices, find reviews and recommendations. So, when you are thinking about your own website you want to consider things the people looking for you will be thinking.

Logos, Photos and Bits

Do you already have a style, look or color scheme that you want your website to follow?

If you have digital files with raw graphic elements it can streamline the transition of images for your site. However, logos and other graphic elements can be extracted from printed material.

Photos are great for headings, information and decoration. Photos need to be adjusted for optimal use on a website. It is best to start with a fairly large image file. the .jpg format works best for photographs.

Layout: Columns, Fonts and Backgrounds

There are so many ways a website can be structured, it helps to look at websites you like to get an idea of what is possible. In general aspects like fonts and colors can be anything. How many columns or pages often depend on the amount and kind of content you have.

You can look at other small business or artist websites by Actual Art from the Services page.

Media, Links and Social Interactive

Links are easy to attach to a photo or bit of text. A really efficient way to add media content is to link to it, for example linking to a Youtube video. Movies, audio, animations and slide shows can all be embedded in a website. But there is often a trade off in relation to load time. can help you decide how much and what kind of media you want attached to your website.

You can also link to your page at social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. can help you set these up if you want them but don't already have them.

Blogs are a great way to increase attention to your site. The drawback to blogging is that you need to have things to blog about.

For more information that will help you think about your website see the Tips page.