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Welcome to Monterey CaliforniaActual Art Biz Aspires to Help People
Feel Confident and Comfortable
using Digital Technology

Feel free to let us know of resources that might be good to list here.

There are a lot of free resources online to help you learn to build a website of your own. is a good place to start or

There are all kinds of resources for finding ways to build your own website.

In general, be sure to check into the legitimacy of free online service. Certainly check before yo give information or pay for something online.

AABiz uses Hostmonster to host this website. It is a better service than one we used to pay a lot more for.


Bluehost is a related company with a more conservative appearance.



Are adds ever useful or interesting?

Ad links and other off-site Links that leave the AABiz website.

Teachers & Students can look for education discounts when buying Adobe or Apple products.

Save 40% off 1 item at with coupon code AP1 If you need regular quality art supplies, colors and tools we recommend Utrecht- for both Quality & Price. They usually have discounts and coupons.

Below are some links to various discounts or interesting services.

Save 40% off 1 item at with coupon code AP1

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Amazon is good for a lot of things, including
services to sell things online.